Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Been busy!

Pulling apart the bedroom and replacing the flooring has taken up almost every spare bit of energy myself and Mr Cardigan have had for the last week. The end is finally in sight. Here's hoping that the floating floor will actually last for the 15 years the (extremely limited and highly conditional) warranty is valid for.

I feel like this:

Fingers crossed I can get back to blogging properly once everything is back in its proper place. I know the dogs are sick of the humans wasting all their energy prettying up the house.

We're doing it because you shed so much, silly corgis. It'll make fun tapping noises when your claws need clipping too. Surely that's worth us being boring for a week?

I'm really enjoying the good company at Untangled Island, the new private hair forum where many nice people are gathered. It is friends only, so that is extremely positive. Good company, no spammers and no creepers. I'm glad that most of the people I like online made their way there. There are a couple of people that I really miss, but maybe somehow they'll hear about where I've gone.

For being away so long I offer you a cardigan corgi on a swing and hope you'll all keep checking in.

The pics are from the "I Can Has Animals" section at 
I love that place. So good for a laugh.