Thursday, 5 September 2013

Hairtoy storage

The way people like to store their hairtoys is a highly individual thing, and I would guess it depends on many different factors, including how many you have and how much you value them.

I LOVE mine, and want to do everything I can to protect them and keep them nice, but I discovered a while back that if I stored them all safely away, snug in their baggies they just never got used. So I have found that for me, the best compromise is to keep them sealed up in clear boxes, sitting on padding. This way I can see them, and they are protected from being scratched and from too much air exposure. I also store them in an area that never receives direct sunlight, and keep the dymondwood ones boxed up in a dark place, but they are in the same clear container so I can still see them when I look for them.

I went as far as to buy another box to get the proper details for you guys. So generous, right? It had absolutely nothing to do with wanting another box so I could space my Elymwold pairs out so they don't touch... I need a tongue-sticking-out smiley for here.

Here's some photos I took for you lot:

As you can see, they each have 6 slots, and each slot is 20cm long and 8 cm deep. They fit 60thstreet forks perfectly without removing any dividers. The little felt bags that come with 60thstreet forks fit in the bottom of these slots perfectly. I remove dividers to give proper room for some of my wider hair forks, such as my new rather spectacular Elymwold  fork, my two Baerreis nautiluses and my favourite cherry and purpleheart four pronged Jeterforks. 
If the forks don't have a soft bag to rest on I will lay them on top of soft white padding, or bubble wrap if they already have a sheer bag around them. I recommend white padding to eliminate the chance of any colour transfer from the fabric or padding to the wood.
Here's a pic of my Elymwold forks in their box on soft white padding, and a pic showing how they are still clearly visible when the box is sealed. Ideally I'll have these pairs spaced out so there is only one fork per slot soon.

The boxes stack wonderfully, and click shut with a tight seal and I would recommend them to anyone. I do have one small quibble, and that is with the labels on the box. The first couple boxes the stickers came off cleanly and easily, but my most recent two purchases have involved more than fifteen minutes scratching away at the labels which tear into tiny little pieces leaving paper and adhesive behind. A bit of time and patience and some methylated spirits and I got them completely off, but I don't have the energy to waste on things like that. I wish they'd have kept the nice easy to peel labels.

I bought these at Bunnings Warehouse in Australia. I'm not sure if they are available anywhere else, but the label has the brand and BUN on it clearly.

I'm just happy that I can keep my hair things pristine and see them at the same time.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. We'll be busy tearing up carpet. Well, to be honest Mr Cardi will be the one tearing up carpet and I'll help however I can.