Sunday, 1 September 2013

Stalking my mailbox.

I have no idea when the things I recently ordered on my luckiest day ever (also known as Paypal Insanity Day) will arrive, but I am stalking the mailbox, waiting for the prettiest things I have ever purchased to arrive. Something might arrive today, or tomorrow, but it might be a month for the rest of it.

Thank goodness Elymwold is based in Australia. I'm so lucky that I don't have to wait a month for things from him to arrive. I would go mad with excitement, I think. So many of my loved ones who aren't interested in my hair things, or pretty wood grain at all can recognize the beauty of his work.

A very nice person on the private hair forum I now frequent said the nicest thing about Elymwold today. I hope she passes it on to Nigel, because it is true. She also posted a gazillion pretty photos of hair things and I was in awe of her gorgeous collection. It's not just me, see. Other people have discovered how wonderful quality hair things can be.

I was looking for mailbox stalking memes and I found one I couldn't resist posting:

I'm so excited and over-eager that I am sure disappointment awaits today. I predict a bill, or maybe two or three just to rub it in. Also, no parcel. *Crosses fingers for a parcel and no bills* 
Mailbox corgi puppy, please beg me a parcel. Thank-you.
No mail today. Only a bill.