Tuesday, 3 September 2013

New Elymwold Forks Arrived Today

My new Elymwold forks arrived today and they are beyond gorgeous! They put all my other beautiful hair toys to shame. (Sorry other forks, but it's true.) It was too late by the time I had unwrapped them and stared adoringly at them for a while to get a proper photograph of them out in the sunshine, but that gives me something to look forward to tomorrow.

I just can't put what I like about them so much into words. They're just beyond wow. Mr Cardigan thinks they are the nicest of the bunch too.

So, since I've been left lacking in descriptive vocabulary, here is the link of the one I am wearing right now. With my husband's help I was able to get a photo which almost does it justice.

I can't believe how well it holds a really loose puffy bun. It felt on the heavier side of my hairtoys in my hand - (to be expected from a piece of ebony so large) - but I can't feel it in my hair. The weight distribution is perfect. I'm so in love!
Now to take care of it so my little niece can inherit it one day.
More elymwold fork photos to come soon. Many thanks to Nigel for his beautiful work.