Sunday, 18 August 2013

Can't seem to stop blogging today.

I'm finding the adjustment from forum to blog a little bumpy and I just can't seem to stop wanting to tell my online friends about the things that I like the most.

Hopefully this will be it for a little while, but I couldn't resist writing one more entry to say how much I adore my Elymwold mini fork pairs.

That's these guys here which I have shown photographs of before:

I just love them!
I've been suffering a bit from a sore patch on the crown of my head because I repeatedly do the same updo. Mostly because my hair isn't long enough for the the proper buns I know yet. Using these little beauties allows me to keep my hair up securely, but to keep any pressure spread out across the back of my head. I don't even have all that much hair compared with many people I know, so I can imagine what a boon it might be to them to be able to spread the weight of their hair more evenly across the crown of their heads.
These little forks are shorter than 5 inches and they each have a head curve which makes them comfortable for me to use. They hold much better for me than all of my plain metal hair pins which tend to slip out. I might end up re-homing my metal hair pins since I don't think they will get much use anymore.
And here's a photo to show how I use two at a time:

I hope I'll be able to buy one or two more pairs like these one day. I still can't believe how comfortable and light they are.

Here are some links to similar hair pins for reference. The figured Tasmanian blackwood pair looks incredibly divine.

Well, it's almost Monday and I'll try to take a couple days off of blogging to give any readers time to catch up with my posts.

Bye for now,