Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Cardi's favourite hairsticks. *Elymwold*

Hi hi lovely friends!

I thought I'd get the hair toy discussion off to a really special start by telling you guys all about my favourite hair stick maker in the whole world.


Have a search through his sold items. I dare you!

Luckily for me, this creator of hair sticks and hair forks lives in the same country as me, which means a three day wait instead of the three weeks it takes for orders from the USA to arrive. Yippee!! If you had told me three years ago that the best hairtoy maker out there would be an Aussie, I would have laughed myself silly, but it is true!

This etsy store opened in November of 2011 and primarily sold beautiful hair sticks made from a selection of beautiful woods, acrylics and amazing burls. If you know me, you probably know I am mad about pretty timber grain and burl especially, so I couldn't resist making a purchase soon after the store opened. I was so pleased with the beautiful seamless craftsmanship and pretty wood that one led to two, which eventually led to six. Don't judge me unless you've seen them in person! I think I did pretty well only buying six of these stunning (and useful, don't forget useful!) things.

Of course we need photos so you can all see what I am raving about:

Please excuse the bonus cat and dog hair in any of my photos. It just means something is extra loved. :)

See, I don't know how he does it, but Nigel, the craftsman behind Elymwold combines inlays, toppers and shafts all into one flawless stretch of hairstick. They're finished with a clear finish that shines up so beautifully, and they seem totally seamless. I like the gentle curve of the wood, because it helps them lock into my hair and stay all day long.

Each stick comes with a cute protective slip in a thick soft fabric, which helps to keep them beautiful always.

Recently, Elymwold has produced more and more beautiful creations including amazing hair forks with coloured burls and he has been busy working on a huge amount of custom creations, collaborating with customers around the world to make the hair stick or fork in their imaginations into reality.

Keep your eye on his store, and don't be afraid to send Nigel a convo to see if he has anything available. I know he's not taking custom orders right now, but he is great to deal with, very genuine, friendly and helpful and you won't regret making a purchase from this store. His prices are the best out there for such high caliber work.

I can't wait until the next round of custom orders comes around. I'll be jumping in with an order for certain. Now if only I could decide which wood combination is most beautiful...

I can promise there will be more blogs about how much I love Elymwold, and lots about his amazing hair forks too. I can't help myself.

Have a lovely day.