Friday, 30 August 2013

Speaking of pretty timber...

I was just browsing through the Jeterforks store admiring his work and I saw a few really beautiful things that I just can't understand why they have not sold yet. I'm going to link them all here to force you guys to look at the pretty.

Flame box elder is soooo pretty! I have a spiral in this wood and in person it is just gorgeousness.

Pheasant wood looks amazing. It really does look almost feathered. If it wasn't almost the exact same shade as my hair I doubt I would have been able to resist this one.

Black and white ebony. Who doesn't love a bit of black and white ebony, really? If I hadn't been hanging out for round topped four pronged jeterforks this one would have fallen into my cart a long time ago. Same goes for this verawood and this bubinga really.

Pretty, pretty wood!
So, if someone would like to treat themselves and buy one of these please feel free. I don't know why they are still available to be honest and they keep winking at me. *Puts hands over eyes*
Nooo! We have to pay for underlay for the floor. Sorry forks. I can't buy you.
I get far too much joy from enabling people, so let me know if I tempt you.
Have a fantastic weekend.