Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Iron Matcheroo!

Good morning everyone. *Checks to see it is still morning* Yep it still is.
I received some mail yesterday! It was extra exciting because my Father-in-law who is very clever and crafty had just made us a new mailbox, so the padded envelopes fit easily inside with no bending.
Also, I had only been expecting two orders from Mary Grace Jewellery but there were three packages. Oh wow, I didn't know what to think.
I told you all in one of my previous blogs that I had enabled myself into buying earrings, and they are all here now. It turns out that my gorgeous friend Lulu also managed to sneak order me a pair too. Oh Lulu, you're just so sweet. I was already trying to hunt you down some more wild 60thstreet forks since you're now mad about wood grain too, but your friendship was all the gift I could ever need. *Huge hug for Lulu*
So, I have lots of photos for us all today.

Group shot of the earrings I had ordered.
The absolutely stunning gift Lulu chose. Aren't they spectacular?
Unfortunately the pair of vitrail vintage style earrings I had fallen in love with were out of stock, so Mary sent through a refund for those. I'd be dishonest if I said I wasn't a little heartbroken about that, but she was very polite and quick to let me know and do the refund. Also the leaves with red beads on the far right were supposed to be fern leaves, but I like the leaves just as much and I let Mary know I'm happy with them regardless.
I was so excited by Lulu's surprise that I started to think about which hair toy I could wear in an action shot with them, to thank her, and I came up with these:

I really like how macassar ebony looks beside them. Thank-you again Lulu. You're the best! When my sock-puppet, erm, I mean wonderful husband (sorry, bad forum joke) gets home I'll see if he'll help me out with that action shot.
After taking that photo, I got into a matchy-match mood and started to think which hair-toys would go with each pair of new earrings and I started to have a bit too much fun, as you'll be able to see in a moment.

**Off topic for a bit. Mr Cardigan and I used to love watching Iron Chef, and we'd call it "Iron Cookeroo" and have great fun watching the cooking battles with strange ingredients. That's why I can't help thinking, "Iron Matcheroo" about all of this. Oh no. My crazy is showing.**

More photos now:


became this...
and now I am all worn out for the day! Whew. I'm so pleased with my little earring haul and it was all so inexpensive. Yay! Plus I got to play with so many of my favourite things today and my doggies had fun out in the sunshine.
If anyone has any questions about the different items, I'm still keeping comments off because I don't want to be trolled, so if you're my friend you can probably reach me by email or at one of my new favourite places, Untangled Island.
...and it's still morning!
Have a great Thursday everyone.