Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I'm so blessed.

Something a little different today.
I just wanted to write a quick entry to say how wonderfully blessed I feel.
Some of you might know that I suffer from a severe form of CFIDS which is an invisible illness, but really incredibly debilitating. Infuriatingly medicine is still in the early stages of truly investigating this disorder and I'm involved in two research studies right now.
Despite all of that, I was very fortunate to be born into a very loving and supportive family who always make me feel loved and keep encouraging me when my health gets me down. Also I have married the most wonderful man who loves me fiercely despite my limitations. On top of that, my husband has the kindest, most understanding parents too, who never make me feel like I am not enough. Plus my fur babies!
And then, I've got a small group of incredible friends from all across the world who I enjoy chatting with through email and on various forums. Now I can reach most of you right here. You all make my life so joyful. You really do. I can forget if I am in pain, and any random feelings of loneliness or isolation just melt away.
So here's a lolcat for you bunch:
It really did.