Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Why, Etsy, Why??

I buy things from Etsy more than I buy things from anywhere else, so when I say these things I am saying them as a frequent shopper and an even more frequent browser.

Etsy, your latest changes are NOT an improvement in my opinion.

I don't like the interface as much anymore. I find it annoying having to click on a tab to see what the shipping is or if the seller will even ship to my country. Sometimes the shipping amount will make or break a transaction, so to make me search for this instead of it being right there is not helpful nor conducive to me trying a new vendor.

I HATE the changes to feedback. My ability to gain positive feedback has been wiped out. How can a vendor trust me when I tell them that they should take a chance and mail something to Australia, without being able to base that decision on my 100% positive feedback from multiple vendors. My loyal patronage has been wiped out and I am now only as trustworthy as any random new account.

Also, I don't want everyone to know what I have bought, but I LOVE to leave positive feedback for those who deserve it. Why can't I leave anonymous positive feedback? Why do I have to have my account name and profile picture displayed any time I want to leave honest reviews?  Also, grouping sales in feedback is disrespectful to people's privacy. Maybe that person who bought 5 things at once (not me in this case) doesn't want everyone to know about it, but still think the vendor deserves a good review for their fantastic service and well made merchandise?

Also, vendors aren't going to like getting less than 5 stars. This may lead to vendors refusing to sell to people who don't believe in 5 stars for anything short of perfection. There is too much space for hurt feelings. There are some vendors who do indeed always deserve 5 stars (sometimes more), but there are others I am happy to buy from that probably would only honestly rate a 4 or 4 and a half, but that I am still happy to buy from repeatedly. I don't want to insult these people or hurt their businesses, so I will leave them a 5, but is this really honest? Also, making me wait until a designated date to type reviews? Why? If something arrives before that, I want to review it then, as a way to let the seller know it arrived and I am happy.

I don't like the idea of  having my account name and profile picture, and a link to my profile proudly displayed next to feedback. Why is this necessary? Is the aim to make it possible for sellers to hunt down buyers? Why else? I'm good enough at contacting vendors on my own, thank-you.

Now, if it weren't for fantastic Etsy vendors who always deserve 5+ stars, like Elymwold (beyond amazing work and best customer service ever), Jeterforks, (years of fantastic service, and stunning work) and 60th Street, (consistently beautiful work and care for customers as much as their work), I might be annoyed enough to stop shopping at Etsy.

I feel patronized when I am typing a review and a little, encouraging "Great, keep going" pops up underneath. What am I? Six? I mean, really...

Anyways, I don't think it will make any difference but I just thought I would put that out there.

Probably a case of TL:DR here, sorry. As an apology, I offer you photos.

Yeah, she doesn't like the Etsy changes either!

A kitteh washing a doggie. I bet they don't care about anonymous feedback.

And three happy window shoppers.
Hope everyone is well, and watch out for some sale listings at "The Island". I've made enough back to pay back what I spent on those gorgeous new Jeterforks, but now I have to drum up the money for my Elymwolds. I think I'd happily sell most of what I own to pay for those forks. They're so amazing!
Hope I haven't scared anyone away for good with this one.