Monday, 19 August 2013


While I do wear Elymwold hair sticks or forks or 60thstreet hair forks more often than not, there are a few other makers who make particular items that I like very, very much.

One of my other favourite items are my Mooreartstudio spiral hairsticks.

I'm pretty choosey about what I really like, so for something to be one of my favourite things it has to be hair friendly and well finished, beautiful and comfortable to wear. Mooreartstudio spirals are all of these things.

Here's some photos to keep you guys going:

These spirals are all about 6 inches long in total. They are all finished very smoothly and have a natural semi-matte appearance. I occasionally buff them with coconut oil or a scented wood balm to give more shine and chatoyance, which reminds me, next time I'm at bunnings warehouse I want to get some wood balm.

*Makes mental note*

I put these hairsticks into my hair using a screwing action which locks them firmly into place. They do not move. Ever! They're amazing! Also I love that these particular hairsticks just let the wood do the talking. They are not waterproof, so I wouldn't even risk wearing them in damp hair or on a hot day as I would be very sad if they were spoiled.

I occasionally have trouble with some top heavy hairsticks drooping or falling out, so most of my favourite things are not top heavy. The best holding hairsticks seem to either have either a spiral shape like these or a gorgeous gentle wave like shape, like my Elymwolds or Timberstone Turnings.

One last photo to show the different woods:

From top to bottom, Holly, Flame Box Elder, Pink Ivory and Ebony.
One thing I must say about these hairsticks is that the pink ivory wood did appear darker to me in person than it was in the original listing, but I am ok with that. It's a really rich deep cool reddish pink, and I like that. I have a few lighter pink ivory items that started out a pale salmon pink but have become redder with age, so this is probably to be expected. Of them all, I find the gabon ebony to be the most classic looking, and the flame box elder to be the most stunning in person.
I definitely recommend giving one of these a try. I purchased one at first, but then found them so useful that I added some more. Four will be enough for me, I think, and I'll be hanging on to these as long as I can put my hair up.
Last of all, here's a photo of me wearing my holly and ebony spirals:
Catch ya all later,